Thursday, December 7, 2006

People's Republik of Illinois a Model for Amerika!

The path to Progressive bliss is oft rough and frought with pitfalls because of the evil Reppublikkkans. Not in the glorious people's Republik of Illinois!! They are continually adopting the ways of The Common Good. The glorious Comrade Rod, has decreed, so far, that the proles in Illinois get free health care for kids, free birth control for womyn, and free day care. Where is this money coming from to pay for this, you may ask. Why wealth redistribution of course! It's not fair that people work hard and make something of themselves and make lots of money while others sit around and do nothing and have none. In the words of The People's Cube: "Your loss is someone else's gain, and your gain is someone else's loss. Thus, losers contribute to society while winners take away from it." So we shall take the money from these evil rich 'winners' and give it to those non rich 'losers'! Ah...Marx, Lenin, and Stalin would be proud. Beware you bourgeois capitalist pig dog swine! Your time of oppression is at an end!

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