Friday, December 15, 2006

Enemy of the People Propaganda

A good Friend of the People has turned in a thoughtcriminal!! This news is being disseminated to warn everyone about the lies that are being perpetrated by this online criminal about socialized medicine!! As Glorious Uber Comrade HRC has informed everyone, we will be going to nationalized health care as soon as it can be rammed through congress. Free health care for all is a right for all people in good standing with the Party!!! How dare the evil hated capitalist pig dogs try and force people to pay for services!!! Waiting for 8 months to have a brain tumor removed is a small price to pay for equality for all peoples!! Upon dying before treatment, you will be comforted that you are dying for the benefit of the people!! The lies perpetrated by these hooligans shows how selfish and uncaring evil capitalists are!!! The person portrayed in their film thought only of himself and his well being and not the well being of the collective!! Once we are officially in power this Enemy of the People will be rounded up with the help of the Canadian Police of the People and sent to the Education Center of Health and Wellness of the People in Siberia (which is under construction as we speak). Glorious Uber Comrade HRC will not be stopped on her mission to control Amerika's health care for the benefit of the People!!

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