Thursday, May 3, 2007

Chicago Embraces Global Warming

Chicago is towing the progressive line when it comes to global warming, comrades. Being the largest city in the glorious Peoples State of Illinois, it damn well better. They are opening an exhibit on how global warming is caused by evil kapitalist white chiristian male pig dog scum and how it is everyones duty to wipe out this menace, after all we are doing it "For the Children"TM and if you don't do your part you hate children.

Along with globes to help visualize and educate the proles on how the evil kapitalist white christian male pig dog scum is destroying the planet, I expect there to be numerous organizations and placards about how such things as toilet paper is killing the blue spotted three toed pygmy tree frog which is indigenous to a two square mile area in central Borneo, and how your Cheetoes are destroying the atmosphere.

Also I would like to draw your attention to
The Church of Reformed Latter-Day Climatologists.This wonderful Progressive Religion is the new and official religion of all true progressives. I sincerely hope that they will attended this glorious educational event to spread the holy word of the Prophet Al Gore (PBUH) and convert all the unwashed heathens into progressive caring Goremons.

Attendance is mandatory.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007



Glorious news from our brothers in Zimbabwe. After Comrade Mugabe took the main means of agriculture and production away from the hated evil White Christian Male and redistributed them to the poor suffering hard working native population of Zimbabwe, glorious things have been happening! It is proof positive how the evil hated white kapitalist pig dog christian male scum have oppressed peoples for far too long, and how once liberated from this oppression, they can achieve more and be better workers and citizens than the evil hated white kapitalist pig dog chirstian scum.

Read on and become weepy with the heady gloriousness that is wealth redistribution and communism!