Thursday, December 7, 2006

7 December A Remembrance of Hate

Yes today is 7 Dec, a day of remembrance of the hate and atrocities committed by Amerika to drive the peaceful Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor. The Japanese did not just out of nowhere decide to attack Amerika!! No! Those were lies perpetrated by the evil Republikkkans!! It was because of thousands of years of oppression of the peaceful Japanese by Amerika!! Amerika raped their cows, stole their sheep, and laughed at their buildings!! Enough was enough. On 7 Dec, 1941 the Japanese decided to retaliate against the evil bourgeois capitalists and preemptively destroyed their imperialist navy, thus striking a blow for the common worker against evil capitalist bourgeois swine! And then to top it all off, the hated imperialists disproportionately responded by dropping nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki!! Over a few sunken ships that Amerika deserved in the first place!! We must never forget the atrocities committed by Amerika on the innocent Japanese and we must also pay them reparations for what was done!
[satire off]
On a serious note, on this day at 0800 in 1941, 2400 American servicemen lost their lives in an unprovoked attack on American soil forever changing our country. I know I will never forget them and what happened. Thankfully during that era, America was a different place and we mobilized and took care of the situation. Unfortunately America is different now, and it seems the leadership would rather appease and play footsie with the enemy instead of putting them in the ground where they belong. The politicians can hem and haw all they want, I'm sure back in 1941 there were people who didn't want to go to war, but we did and those people stood out of the way and let the military do it's job. Now unfortunately these political games that are being played are costing American Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen their lives, and that I can never abide or forgive. Just like in Vietnam those soldiers' blood is not on the head of President Bush, but on the demokrats who would rather further their own career over furthering America. Damn you all.
[satire on]

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