Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mass Purges to Begin

Since the Party has finally gained power in the Amerikan Congress, the time has come to start the Mass Purgings. These glorious days will go down in history as those where we have swept the land clean of the hated capitalist bourgeois pig dog scum. Once they are out of the picture we can finally embrace the glorious progressive collectivism that would make Lenin proud. According to the glorious five year plan set forth by the Party, after the purges we will implement the redistribution of land and wealth so that no one has more than anyone else.
In order for the masses to make these transitions as painlessly as possible, it is recommended that you self-re-educate by reading Das Kapital by Comrade Karl Marx and all works by Comrades Lenin, Stalin, and Hillary Clinton.
Helpful tip: To gain points with the Party, start your own list of thoughtcriminals in your neighborhood so that you can turn them in when the time comes. Thoughtcrime, in case you need a reminder, is any thoughts, ideas, or actions which are contrary to the ideals of progressivism or collectivism or which cause someone, directly or indirectly, to be contrary to Party ideals through thought or deed.
If you yourself are guilty of thoughtcrime you can still serve the Party and the rest of society by self-purging yourself and relieving the judicial system of yet another trial, Darwin knows it will be overworked.