Friday, December 8, 2006

Enemy of the People Purged!!

Hated Enemy of The People, Jeane Kirkpatrick, has been purged at last. This non-person was best known for lies spouted to the world during her tenure as propaganda specialist to the United Nations from 1981-85, during the Prime Enemy of the People (Ronald Reagan)'s tenure as Amerikan President. She supported the imperialist bourgeois governments around the world who oppressed the workers who yern to be free of the imperialist capitalist system. What brought her to the attention of Prime Enemy of the People, was a hate filled propaganda article that she published in Commentary Magazine, entitled "Dictatorships and Double Standards". She was also an avid supporter of oppressing our comrades in the middle east who are finally retaliating against imperialist Amerika for thousands of years of crimes against them. After the glorious blow for freedom that was struck on September 11, 2001, she urged Congress to declare war against the "entire fundamentalist Islamic terrorist network."

Such raw blatent hate cannot be tolerated in an enlightened society that Amerika will soon become under Glorious Uber Comrade HRC! It is good that she has been purged by fate, since that will free up an extra space on the floor for someone else who deserves to be re-educated in the soon to be formed Amerikan Health and Wellness Lifestyle Education Centers to be constructed in remote areas of Siberia.

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