Wednesday, January 10, 2007

People's State of Kalifornia Shining Example!

The People's State of Kalifornia is a shining example of The Party's goal of the Nanny State. Comrade Schwartzenegger has decreed that all residents of Kalifornia will have health insurance, regardless of citizenship status! A glorious day comrades! And how will the People's State of Kalifornia pay for this, you may ask? Not to worry comrades! Comrade Schwartzenegger is taxing businesses, as well he should. Those bourgeois capitalist pig dogs don't need that money!! The People who don't work, have no skills, have no desire to do anything productive, and are leeches on society need that money!! It's not fair that a doctor who took on the economical burden of 4 years of college, 4 years of medical school, and 5 years of residency should be making $100,000+ per year and high school dropouts who smoke crack all day get nothing!! Wealth redistribution is our top priority! Fear not slackers of Amerika, for we will get you the money you need to have BMWs, Playstations, and big houses!! You are entitled to those things and we will get them for you!

Extra points to the People's State of Kalifornia for incorporating The Party's new 2007 Slogan.

Remember, "Its all for the children."

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