Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Official Party Approved Slogan for 2007


Another glorious Year of the People is upon us! We have made great advances for The Party in 2006, now we 'Must Work Harder' in 2007 to ensure that our gains do not become losses!! We must continue our tank-like unstoppable roll towards the workers utopia on into the indefinite future. To goad the sheeple into willingly handing over their rights and money, The Party has come up with this slogan:

"It's all for the children!"

What troglodite wouldn't gladly turn themselves into drooling slaves of the state for the children? People who hate children, thats who!!! Do you want to be known as a child hater?! Of course not. No one does.

So, effectively immediately, whenever The Party tries to railroad our socialist workers utopia legislation through congress, it shall be accompanied by "It's for the children!". Whenever the thought police are spotted rounding up dissidents at 3 AM, they shall respond to the witness with, "It's for the children!" and then thump the witness on the head with their Sticks of the People.

For you progressive followers of The Party, whenever you encounter a capitalist bourgeois pig dog that starts blathering about "individuality" "wealth" "personal responsibility" "pay based on achievement" or "I love America", simply scream at them "It's for the children!" and then demonize them as child haters and right wing religious zealots. Then immediately contact the Thought Police and turn them in.

It's For The Children!!!

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