Friday, January 19, 2007

More Victories of the People!!

Comrades! So much good news I don't know where to begin!

Let us start with the Glorious Workers Paradise of China. The kind and benevolent leaders of the Revolution in China has developed new defense capabilities in order to prevent the hated evil Amerikkkan imperialists from attacking the peace and freedom loving peoples of China from space borne vehicles such as communications satellites and the Hubble Telescope. Take that evil imperial capitalist pig dogs! Since it is an accepted truth that civilizations from other planets are rabid capitalist pig dogs, it will come in most handy when these other civilizations try and invade the peaceful people of China! Take that Space Capitalists!!

Next we have more Enemies of the People brought to justice! Evil Amerikkkan imperialist border patrol agents shoot a defenseless Mexican national just because he was trying to operate his family owned import/export business. All he was trying to do, comrades, is make some money so he can feed his children!! Remember, 'It's all for the children!'. How dare those evil capitalist pig dog Amerikkkan imperialist border patrol agents prevent him from earning money to feed his children! They try to spread lies like he was smuggling drugs, crossing the border illegally, blah blah blah. Even if this was true it is all irrelevant because he was doing it 'for the children' and that makes anything and everything alright. I'm sure the actual events happened this way:

Innocent Mexican taking a nice stroll along the border enjoying the wonderful day. Evil drunk imperialist capitalist redneck Amerikkkan border patrol agents see innocent peace loving Mexican national. One turns to the other in his thick barely literate imperialist Amerikkkan accent and says 'Hey Zeke, lets have us sum gud fun wit dis here Mexicano'. The other giggles uncontrollably. They run after the innocent peace loving Mexican. The innocent peaceful Mexican tries to escape but the hated imperialists can run fast because they chase down peace loving individuals all day long. The agents throw him to the ground and shoot him, laughing and guffawing all the while. Since the agents are distracted laughing and patting each other on the back for what they did, the poor innocent helpless Mexican national crawls back home and sobbingly tells his children that he did not make any money today because of the hated evil Amerikkkan capitalist pig dogs so they will not be able to eat tonight.

But the glorious Justice of the People has been meted out to these horrible horrible people. We have officially entered the Enlightened Age comrades! Rejoice!

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