Monday, March 5, 2007

Man is Destroying Mars!

With the recent proof that has been spread around about man's destroying the Earth with carbon spewing implements of death such as the automobile, and how it is THE one and only unquestionable direct cause for global warming, new evidence has arisen that shows that man is destroying Mars as well!
To sum up the article and the science behind it for those who do not wish to be inundated with 'facts':

1. Earth's temperature is rising

2. Increased population and industrialization on Earth coincides with Earths rising temperatures

3. Therefore man is the cause of Earths rising temperature

4. Mars' temperature is rising also

5. Mars' temperature increase coincides with Earth's increase in population and industrialization

6. Therefore man is the cause of Mars' rising temperature

This is proof positive that man is destroying the universe with his evil kapitalistic tendencies! Only the Party can solve this universal plague!! Al Gore has the answers!! This scourge must be stopped before they destroy The People's Paradise!


Unknown said...

that is retarded. it takes more than a transitive property stamp to prove such an outlandish statement. please, due explain scientifically. how that could be possible... at all. a much more radical and realistic approach to this would be that some outside factor... the sun perhaps, or the relationship with the solar system to the galaxy is causing climate change on BOTH planets.

aa said...