Friday, March 9, 2007

Hero of the People!

The Governor of Illinois, Comrade Rod Blagojevich, has earned the Party's Hero of the People award!! He has done the People's Work by tirelessly inciting class warfare and doing what he can to cripple businesses in the People's State of Illinois.

In his most recent 5 Year Plan he has increased spending by the People's State by promising socialized health care to all the people, embryonic stem cell research to cure pimples, and pouring more money into the State indoctrination centers. Paying for all these great Programs of the People will of course fall to the evil hated kapitalist bourgeois evil companies in the People's State who dare to make money by providing goods and services. Crush those hated kapitalist oppressors Comrade Rod! Squeeze those evil businesses to make them pay, and if they scurry out of the People's State of Illinois, good riddance I say! The People's State doesn't need those money grubbing hated kapitalist oppressing companies! The State will take care of us all!

On a side note, Comrade Rod, you have been warned once to include the People's Slogan, "It's all for the children" in your propaganda to push Party Programs. While you did say that this newest advancement toward the Workers Paradise was a 'moral imperative', you need to include a line about the children and other Official Party Propaganda Phrases. This is your last warning, failure to comply will result in re-education.

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